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The real price of Free

The real price of Free

Free is awesome. No extra bills or paying for things you don’t want to pay for. Free will attract almost everyone to your business.

However when it comes to either getting things for free or giving out things for free there are downsides.

The challenge of getting things done for free is the willingness to sacrifice your time and potentially run down the wrong path.

There’s a ton of free information out there in the World Wide Web. However it doesn’t meant that the information is A. Right….period. Or B. Right for your particular situation. You may be reading information you need for step E. But you haven’t completely A through D. When I started offering web design services. I kept hearing the buzzword “Sales Funnels” so of course I thought I needed a ton of them. So I spent weeks trying to find the best tool, free and paid tools to create them and recorded video for my content but throughout the process I didn’t even realize that I had no digital products to give, no packages, just a single service of building a website. I didn’t even solidify how to properly deliver that one service, so I can not only understand but also articulate the value I can give my customers. I was chasing a goal that was beneficial to me or my business at that time.

How to prevent this:

Talk to a mentor or someone who is not trying to sell you something, describe your business situation and ask for advice. More than likely if you were where I was then they probably told you this next tip.

Create a plan. Not a full blown business plan (even though it would help) but a one page, high level marketing plan. At least with a plan you know what you’re offering, who are you offering it to, how it will benefit them and where can you find the people you’re offering it too.

Start with what you can do, “hire” or recruit outside help for what you can’t do. This does not particularly mean hiring a person. You can also use software to help you move forward on things. You can ask your mentors. You can ask your friends. But….if your friends offer their skills as services, pay them. Don’t use them. Don’t destroy your friendship over trying to squeeze a freebie out of them. Ask for payment plans. Ask to collaborate.

Another challenge of receiving things for free is the fact that free information is being spoon fed to you and can only get you so far. And this leads to a lot of people giving up, funding more information to do something else which makes a lot of business owners constantly spinning in circles and not making any money.

How to prevent this:

First lower your standards of the free. One free guide is not going to make you a million dollars. And I know you’re probably not thinking a million but your goal may be too big for the freebie or free information you have. Flip it. Think this one free think will help me accomplish this one small step that’s part of my overall goal.

Find the freebie that’s going to make you a little bit of revenue or help you achieve some sort of result so you can eventual pay the person who delivered the freebie or you can spend more time learning the next step beyond the freebie. Follow them on social media. See if they offer free consultations, if they do take one and learn more. Someone with the experience can get you a lot further a lot faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

Meanwhile, take full advantage of what you can get for free. Because once you pay you will have to be ready to commit and execute.


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