We help small businesses who struggle with online content including social media and web design, storytelling and digital media marketing.

Geek Empowered Services

Hire us as your full scale tech support

We manage your systems, including your website, email and more to help you operate your business more efficiently. 

Hire a new Team Member from The Tech Exchange

We’ve partnered with The Civic Tech Collective to create a platform for businesses to find the right people to work for them. We connect purpose driven talent with purpose driven businesses. Everyone that is hired through The Tech Exchange has been vetted for and has gone through an application process to be selected.

Our Do It Yourself Services

Know exactly what you want but need a little help to get you started, view our services below! 

Book A One-on-One Session

This is best for those who are not in a position to hire a designer full time but needs a little bit of help to get things going. Schedule a one on one appointment today, where we discuss your needs, get your website set up and start building right away. The sessions last 90 mins. 

Geek Empowered is a Shopify partner, so for those in ecommerce we have the capability to take your store to the next level. Contact us or signup for a free trial of shopify today

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