We help small businesses who struggle with online content including social media and web design, storytelling and digital media marketing.

Geek Empowered Portfolio

PTA Equity Project Website and Social Media Templates

The PTA Equity Fund recently made news raising over $300,000 in funding to help the students in Evanston have access to everything they need from their schools. I was recommended to them to create a website that best represents who they are, how they started and the brilliant students of district 65.

University of Rhode Island: The Rhode Island Life Expectancy Project

I was hired onto a team project where we needed to build a website that help people research key factors for living in Rhode Island. Within a few months I was able to create personas, user journeys, low-fi mockups and high-fi mockups for their website. The actual website was built with html and bootstrap.

Website Design and Marketing

For Black Keto Girl, we had to gather all of her outlets where her customers were purchasing items and services for her and put them all in one place. The goal was to create a system that works seamlessly when she’s ready to launch her next product or service.

Website Design and Blogging

For the founder of Political Writes, we needed to do a full transfer of an existing blog that was hosting on Tumblr. Once export later we were able to launch a functioning blog that was easy for them to post quickly and get their news out to all of their followers

Website Design and Assessments

Write Option needed an website that easily explains what they offer and send users to an assessment that determines if they are the right fit for their services. The assessment not only needed to be accessible to users but also created the right support and accessibility to access that information as soon as it is submitted

Website Design and Content Management

16th Ward Foundation needed to capture all the work they do in their community and create the initiatives to create projects that will support and help those in need. We needed to capture a lot of content without overwhelming the design or the optimization of the website.

Yails Garden

Web Design
We started off with creating a website that highlights the people of Yail’s Garden, then focused on building community around self care with care

Mama Fresh Chicago

Rock Top Media

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