Run your business without struggling for hours on the technical aspects of marketing and Running your business


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During a session we’re actually going to get some work done whatever technical, web design or social media issue you are struggling with we will create a plan and work on fixing it during our call and also continue support after our call

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We have a few courses on different platforms you can use to build your website and thrive on that platform. Start off with our free course!

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Hire Geek Empowered

Need to hire a team to work with your business on a project. Everything from web design and SEO to content management and planning, get in contact with us to get more organized and launch ready.

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Utilize and sync your online tech systems for your business
Learn how to build your own website and create online content
Fix the pieces that are no longer working for you and your platform
Learn how to use the content you have to get the results you want

Search for resources, articles and services that best fit your needs

Geek Kids and Company

The kids are constantly learning about new tools and technologies, they are also curious about creating a business (and making money) so we are creating a serious where the kids learn different skills and apply them to running an ecommerce business.

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