We help small businesses scale with user driven websites, high engaging content and a solid tech foundation while creating an impact on the community


A customers experiences goes beyond the purchase. We help turn leads into customers and advocates of your business. Your presence in person is not static and neither should your website be. We help you evolve your website as your business does.


Geek Empowered specializes in User Centered Design & Development.  User Centered Design is a framework that focuses on the needs of the user. We use processes that are attentive to the user’s need, on the website and as an overall experience. 


First we audit your existing online presence, Your website. You social media. We take the time to thoroughly go through business goals along with pain points. Then we go into Analysis, where we set business requirements for the website. 

Our clients have recieved 10x's their investment within the first week of working with us!

Hear what our clients have to say...

"Ehi of GeekEmpowered is knowledgeable and friendly. She always goes above and beyond for her clients. She helped me with my launch of my BeautyXBrandy site and did all the work on it. She’s a inspiration and a joy to work with! If you want an efficient, yet chic site, etc. please book Ehi of GeekEmpowered! 💋"
"Absolutely professional, prompt, timely, helpful, creative and is willing to provide a great service! The customer service is amazing and I’d recommend any day! Thank you!"

"Ehi helped revamp the viaVEA website to make it more professional and full. She created additional content and buttons, added products and helped clean up and streamline things that were mis aligned. She’s quick to respond and very efficient. Highly recommend!!!"

Tech Setup & Management

E-commerce Setup & Website Integration
Membership Area Setup & Management
Facebook Ads Setup & Management
Autoresponders, Sales Funnels & Marketing Campaigns
Website Design & Development
SEO Optimization
Website Maintenance
Creating & Managing Affiliate Areas & Sales

Which Solution Works Best For Your Needs?

Geek Empowered Ad hoc Services

Piece By Piece we help you get a step further than you were before our services so you can focus on more important tasks

Hire A Full Time Designer

Don't have a lot of dedicated time to build your website but you want to spread your message and bring awareness to your organization. Don't worry, we can work on it for you.

Take The DIY Route with Geek Empowered

Get the right guidance that works for you while you are working on your digital platform

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Is running your business by yourself too much for you?

Geek Empowered is a team of visionaries who execute ideas that creates an impact using technology as a vehicle.

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